Thanksgiving: A Good Time to Build Our "Gratitude Muscle"

gratitude Nov 21, 2018

Every year around this time, for most of us,  our thoughts turn to what we're thankful for. And also...WHO we're thankful for. Rightfully so, because that's the big reason behind the Thanksgiving holiday.

But how often do we ponder what we're thankful for within ourselves? Let's give it a shot...shall we?

•What is unique about YOU that you are thankful for?

•Name something that you're "good at" and you are thankful for the capability

•What character trait do you have that you are grateful for?

If you are stumped by any of these questions, ask the people around you, what they think. Take some time to consider what you are thankful for within yourself. Please note: This is NOT a selfish use of time. It is valuable time spent building your "Gratitude Muscle." This is just the warm up. Consider it "stretching," if you like. We'll move on to building our "Gratitude Muscle" with others in the next post.


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