Moving Forward after Loss, Change, or Adversity - Why is it so Difficult?

Video Highlights:

  • Why is moving forward after loss, change, and adversity so difficult? Your brain can play a big part in enhancing the difficulty. More specifically, your subconscious mind. And that's because it doesn't like change. Its purpose is to keep you safe and to run efficiently. 


  • When our life circumstances change drastically, we have to put in some intentional effort to Create a New Plan. One that doesn't rely on the person or situation that is no longer there. 


  • Emotional Turbulence - trying to push through it or ignore it, without processing it can keep us stuck


  • We need an intentional and holistic plan that encompasses our entire lives. A plan to move forward that includes the Great 8 Areas of Life™ - Health & Vitality - Relationships - Finances - Spirituality - Career / Purposeful Work - Personal Growth & Development - Fun, Rest & Recreation - Physical Environment


  • Unresolved Communications from the Past - These can be resolved by writing a letter (even if you never send it). It could be a letter of: acknowledgement, forgiveness, goodbye, or gratitude. 


  • Watch the video for the full training



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