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It’s easy and very common for us to overlook our strengths. That’s because our strengths come to us very naturally. It’s so natural that, at times, it’s almost like breathing for us when we use them. Breathing doesn’t require thought and neither does using our natural strengths. Therefore, we don’t think about our strengths very much.

Why does this matter? It matters when we’re trying to achieve a goal or take something to the next level in some area of our life. If we can discover a natural strength that we already possess that can be applied to our action plan, it acts like rocket fuel that propels us forward with crazy, powerful momentum. Without it, the road becomes longer and more challenging.

We all have Superpowers that are unique to each of us. I have a friend who is a whiz at organizing physical environments. It’s amazing and magical to watch her work. There are people who are really good at making others feel comfortable in unique situations. I know there are times when I have been able to go into a state of extreme focus.

Most superpowers, with some creativity, can be adjusted for use to help you achieve your current goal. It might seem unrelated at first but I promise you, there’s a way to connect it.

Action Steps: 1. Give some thought to identifying your strengths. 2. Put on your “Creativity Cap” and think of ways to apply your strengths to something you’re currently trying to achieve.

Don’t let your strengths go un-leveraged…the world is waiting to see you using your superpowers.

What is an uncommon strength that you’ve noticed in yourself or someone else in your world? Leave a comment below.